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Is Unhealed Trauma Impacting Your Life

Is Unhealed Trauma Impacting Your Life

“Unhealed trauma is like cancer. It lives hidden in the body, often for a long period of time before being uncovered.  Unhealed trauma lingers—secretly—while pervasively weaving its way through our lives.  It penetrates our innermost being; silently causing...

Marriage is Hard

Marriage is Hard

Marriage is hard. Yes, I jumped right in today.  No small talk. No writing until my subject came to mind. Nope. Just pick up the pen and go.  But seriously, let me add some more perspective to that.  Marriage is a journey of ebbs and flows.  Yes, some people make it...

How Soon We Forget

How Soon We Forget

I’m hitting a block this morning so let me just start writing and see what comes through. Maybe some quiet music will get my thoughts flowing this morning. Some quiet ocean music to soothe me and quiet my mind.  Hmmmm….when I just pulled up Apple Music my...

Trauma Bonds

Trauma Bonds

Trauma bonds.  I guess that’s the subject today.  We shall see… I was honestly sitting here after just finishing my gratitude/reflections/affirmations/manifestation journaling process.  I was thinking about relationships-again. They can be the greatest...


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